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save your clients 6-Figures
...On A $1,000,000+ Roth Conversion By Showing Them How To Reduce Their Tax Bill From 40% To Less Than 10% With IRS Approved Tax Codes.
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In the upcoming video, Matt Chancey, Author & Creator of the "Enhanced Roth Conversion", is going to show you the EXACT strategy he uses to help your clients...
  • Save $280,000 on a $1,000,000 Roth Conversion by "stacking discounts" from 8 IRS approved discount models (less than 1% of advisors know how to do this).
  • ​Learn HOW and WHEN to use the discount models so that they get the most out of their tax deductions (you need to NAIL the timing or it won't work).
  • ​Implement the exact model to slash their Roth Conversion tax bill from 40% down to less than 10% by "double stacking" discounts.
About Matt Chancey
Matt Chancey, Author & Creator of the "Enhanced Roth Conversion" works with CPA's, Tax Attorney's Business Brokers, and Commercial Real Estate Agents To MAXIMIZE their clients' tax deductions so they can reduce their tax bill using IRS approved discount models that less than 1% of financial advisors know about.
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